About us

Jiangsu Jia Yue Petrochemical Technology Co., Ltd. is founded in 2017. It's an integrated service company that provides comprehensive, full-process integrated project management and business, technology, and human resource sharing for the petrochemical industry.

The company's business mainly consists of three parts: engineering project management, technical consulting and service, information resource development and application (www.shzywchina.com).

Include the following services:

project management;

engineering technology consulting and services;

engineering survey and design consulting and services;

project cost Consulting and services;

business management consulting and services;

technology development, technology transfer, technology consulting and services;

business information consulting and services;

human resources information consulting and services;

technical information consulting and services.

At present, more than 40 companies have long been engaged in the petrochemical engineering construction, operation management and other kinds of experts and professional and technical personnel, has a huge reserve of human resources at the same time, provide a powerful resources for the project. Core management team has a very rich practical experience and superb technical expertise and strong organization, coordination and leadership skills, at the same time brings together the petrochemical industry of advanced management mode, the management idea, to advanced technology, scientific management into project construction and management of the whole system, the maximum bring investors return, bring value to the user. Companies adhering to the "integrity-based, service is supreme" the service idea, the use of the advantage of human resources, technical resources, information resources, dedication to customer service, realize the resource sharing, win-win cooperation, common development.